OOYCYOO MPPT Charge Controller 60 amp 12V/24V Auto Max 100VDC Input,60A Solar Panel Charge Regulator

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The MPPT Controller is suitable for various off-grid solar applications. It protects the battery from being over-charged by the solar modules and over-discharged by the loads.

1.Various real-time data is displayed on one display(Volt, Amaps, %,°C)
2.Advanced MPPT technology ensures up to 99.5% tracking efficiency.
3.Battery model selection:All battery types (just set the PV OFF and LOAD OFF values ​​based on the battery information on the controller)
4.Charging mode:three levels(constant current, constant voltage, floating charge) to extend battery life.
5.user programmable for the battery type,load control,timer setting
Suitable for various specifications of solar panel

.Technical data:
12V battery system:open circuit voltage ≤48V(Voc) maximum. PV input power:750W
24V battery system:Open circuit voltage ≤100V(Voc) maximum.PV input power:1500W
Automatic identification of 12V/24V battery system voltage
Rated charging/discharging current:60A
Maximum open circuit voltage solar panel (Voc):18VDC-48VDC(12V battery system)/36VDC-100VDC(24V battery system)
Power terminal:10 AWG
User programmable for battery Type, load control,dual timer settings

Dual USB 5V/2A Output for phone charging
(RS485) Indicator: Green light flashes, indicating that the load is working properly;Yellow light flashes, indicating solar energy charging

Warm Tips:
Battery must be connected first!

Never connect the soalr panel array to the controller Without/Before a Battery.

Never connect any inverter/wind/Alternator/Charger into the charge controller!

Ensure the battery voltage is enough.(>9V)

Never exceed the max input power/Voltage of your controller

1*MPPT P60A solar charge controller
1*English Manual

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
🥇【AUTOMATICALLY DETECTS 12V/24V BATTERY SYSTEMS(Max 100VDC)】Dual USB give your electronic product MAX 5V 2.4A.Support sealed,Gel,Flooded Lead-acid battery and lithium battery.Three stages(constant current, constant voltage, floating charge)
🥇【POSITIVE GROUND MPPT CONTROLLER 】The solar panel charge controller is equipped with high tracking efficiency up to 99%, hardly wasting the energy from solar panels.with three load Timer:ON/OFF mode,PV&Time control mode,PV voltage control mode,Dual Time control mode.
🥇【MULTIFUNCTIONAL LCD DISPLAYS】All the Various Real-time data shown on the same one display, it’s convenient for users to check the data. And the MPPT charge controller 60 amp supports manual switch load and 5 seconds to restore the factory settings.LED shows if solar panels and battery are really connected to the controller.Lightning protection function.Convenient to check.
🥇【MULTI-PROTECTION AND MULTI-STAGE CHARGING】Built-in intelligent protection against reverse polarity, reverse discharge, overload, short-circuiting, under voltage and reverse current. Multi-stage charging includes constant current, constant voltage and floating charge, and temperature compensation increase your battery life and improve your system’s performance.
🥇【360 DAY SATISFACTORY GUARANTEE】We offer a 360 Day 100% SATISFACTORY warranty for our customers. Our email is [email protected],contact us if you have any question.

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